The end of an era

For years and years I have suffered from chronic hand eczema. You know the type, the type so bad that you wear gloves even when it isn’t cold to hide the hideousness that has slowly engulfed your fingers over the years. Doctors have tried steroid after steroid cream with no promising results. So I began my own hunt for the ultimate hand cream. This hunt has been going on since I was about 16 years old. Stress hit in with exams and it came out in the form of red raw bleeding skin. Washing my hands became so painful I dreaded it. I dreaded washing my hands! Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? It only got worse over the years, especially when I became a mum, as I was CONSTANTLY washing my hands throughout the day and night. I still hoped that one day I would find THE cream to help me revive my hands and stop the pain.

I wasn’t particularly interested in the Norwex hand wash when I first started. I was too excited by all the cleaning products that were going to save me time, money and radically reduce chemicals in my home. But as they say, it’s always the quiet ones isn’t it…

Someone had asked me about hand wash and it wasn’t a product I had made time to get familiar with. So I bought some. Beautiful peppermint smell and a gentle silky feel when used. Two days passed and I suddenly realised I was no longer dreading washing my hands.

In fact, I hadn’t even really noticed them… seriously? So for the next five days I used nothing but the Norwex peppermint hand wash on my hands. The results were astounding. It took one week to clean up eczema that the doctors had failed to cure in almost 17 years of appointments, treatments and finally a hospital referral.

All this time I had been looking for a hand cream to treat the problem, and actually what I should have been doing was searching for a product that wouldn’t cause it in the first place. Truth is, I just didn’t think it existed! But it does. And it’s right at your finger tips.

Thanks for reading.


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