It all started with one little cloth…

I turned up at my first Norwex party in January 2017. No idea why I was there, but had a vague interest in what was on display. I still remember meeting my sponsor for the first time (I should do, it was only a few months ago) and she said “You are going to LOVE this!”. Now, as most of us probably would, I thought ‘yep, I might do, let’s wait and see’. She takes this pink cloth off the table and says, “this is what is going to replace all your anti-bac sprays, your surfaces cleaners and your bathroom cleaners”. Really? Hhhmmmm I think…

Then she hands me a bottle of window cleaner, some kitchen towel and a mirror which has a huge smudge of Vaseline across it. “There you go, clean that”. So I spray, and I wipe and make the biggest mess across this mirror imaginable. Now I hate cleaning windows are mirrors, to the point that I had stopped bothering in my own home. They weren’t clean, they were just a different kind of dirty. So I sat there and sighed and said “yep, this is why I don’t clean windows or mirrors. Because it doesn’t work”.

Then she hands me my first ever Envirocloth. This cloth only has water on it. “there you go” she says, “clean it now”. With water? OK. Now at this point I knew something was obviously going to work otherwise this lovely lady wouldn’t have turned up with all these Norwex products to sell. But I really was not prepared for how incredible and amazingly clean this mirror in hand was about to look. So I cleaned with the enviro cloth and then I wiped it over with (what is now one of my absolute favourite products) the window cloth.


Words actually failed me. My now lovely sponsor then went on to tell me how the envirocloth works and what makes it stand out from the rest of the cloths on the market. But that’s for another blog…

The point is, I am not easily sold on stuff. I am not a sales persons dream of a client. I’m sceptical, constantly convinced that someone is trying to make money out of me and pretty argumentative most of the time. I also like to bargain and haggle (one day I will tell you about my trip to Morocco where I did the haggling of a lifetime). But not with Norwex. And that is because no one had to sell it to me. They just said “here, try this”. And that’s what I encourage all of you to do. Just give it a try.

Get in touch to find out how you can try these cloths for free!

Thanks for reading.


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