Change is possible whenever you want it

So since I have started out on my journey to build a cleaner and greener home for my family, I feel sometimes like there are people who judge this shift in motivation or this move towards a different lifestyle I haven’t previously occupied.

“Why now?” the say. “You’ve never shown any interest in this before” I hear.

Now most of the time I direct people towards my story of how cleaning the bath tub for my son that day was the pivotal moment for me. That was my motivation for change.

But since then I have realised, you don’t need any motivation for change except the reason that you want to do it. And actually, that’s the most powerful reason. Because you have decided that you would like to live your life differently. That you see the benefits for those around you and you want to try and find a way to have an impact. Sometimes the greatest impacts start off from the tiniest will to change a behaviour or a habit.

So when people say, “why are you so motivated to help reduce chemicals within the home?” the answer is very simple.

Because I want to.

Thanks for reading.




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