Top tips to get the most from your products!

daisesSo I don’t know about you, but when I buy any product I look for how many ways I can use it. Not necessarily in the way it is meant to be used, but in ways I can extend my money’s worth as far as physically possible! If a product has multi uses, that to me represents fabulous value for money, and in this day and age that’s one of the most important factors in buying any product. So I thought I would pop together a list of ways to get the most use out of your Norwex products. This list isn’t exhaustive, and I would love to hear about how you use your products in different ways too, as I am always learning! So here we go, 5 multi purpose ways to get the best value for money out of your Norwex products!

1. The window cloth – this cloth isn’t just for your home, use it on your car windscreen too. You know that beautiful smear free glow that your windows and mirrors now give you? Well wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could see out of your car in the same way?! Keep a tiny spray bottle of water in your car and spray on the inside of your windscreen when needed. If there is excessive dirt then wipe over with an envirocloth first, and then finish off with a streak free wipe with a window cloth! Honestly, you’ll forget you’re even looking through a glass screen it’s so clear. In the end I bought a travel pack for this and now I keep them in my car glove compartment whenever I need them. But standard size cloths do just the same.

2.      Shower gel – this doubles up nicely as a body and hair wash. As there are no nasty chemicals lurking in the shower gel, this rids the need of any conditioner too! Saving time and money. A double win! Your hair will be silky smooth. But don’t expect large amounts of bubbles and lather, this after all is mainly caused by unfriendly and unnecessary chemicals. Your hair will be just as clean without it.

3.       Use your Blue Diamond bathroom cleaner as a multi purpose surface cleanser. It’s friendly ingredients make it suitable for use all over your house. It will give your kitchen sinks that extra shine and help shift any major stains that the envirocloth might need a bit of support with. Diluted down into your own spray bottles, this cleaner lasts absolutely ages too!

4.      Your UPP washing powder isn’t just a whizz at busting stains on clothes… Fill your bath tub with water, add a scoop of UPP and place your glass oven doors and metal shelves in their to soak over night. By the morning, the grease will have melted away leaving you with beautiful oven equipment that looks brand new!

5.      Finally for today, I know many of us struggle with frizzy hair (especially if you live in the UK like me where the weather is so drizzly all the time). Try popping a tiny bit of the organic shea butter through the ends of your dry hair. The tiniest amount will help tame your hair and make it smooth as silk – you will want to play with it ALL day!

That’s more than enough for you to be getting on with, look out for similar blogs in the future with more handy hints!

Thanks for reading,


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