Food for thought

Picture this. You’re walking through the supermarket as you usually do, and you browse the fruit and veg aisle in the same way you do every week. You pick up various items and you examine them. But what are you looking for? Blemishes? An usual shape? Slight discolouration? 

When did we become so shallow about the appearance of our fruit and veg? And shallow is the only word I can think of as I write this. Because actually, we don’t judge other people by their appearance (hopefully). Just because someone has blemished skin, or grey hair or an imperfect nose shape doesn’t mean we think any less of them. So why do we do this with food?

I put my hands up right now. I’m guilty of this. But looking back, I realise I have become conditioned to shop this way. To get the best deal, the best looking food… because in my head better looking means a better taste. 

It’s an attitude such as this which is leading to huge amounts of wasted food and landfill everyday. There are people starving in this world and here we are in our first world country being fussy over whether or not a carrot is bent out of shape. The only way we can be tempted to buy a “second class” vegetable is if the price is cheaper. Wow. They taste the same, they have the same nutrients, but to us it’s all about appearance. 

I don’t know about you but I’d never act this way with people. And from today I wont be acting this way with food either.

Can you make the change?

Thanks for reading.


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