How much change is enough change?

I often take a few minutes over breakfast each day to stop and think about the direction I’m going in in life. My son has autism, sensory processing disorder and other challenges which can make life a strain sometimes – so often I contemplate our next step or what our aims for the day ahead are.

But this morning I’ve been thinking about something totally different. And the question popped into my head “how committed am I really to living a greener lifestyle?”. Now I’m an all or nothing person. I dive right into any challenge with everything I have, or I disregard it. Usually. And this morning I started to think about the gradual change I have made by reducing the use of chemicals in my home. And it has been gradual, totally out of character for me. “Well, I’m either doing this or I’m not” I thought. So what else can I change to be a greener person? I made a mental checklist…

I recycle. Check. And we really do recycle everything.

I use environmentally friendly brands of products. Check. Although I admit this was only a change I made at the start of the year.

We use cloth Nappies with our son. Check. I was inspired by a good friend of mine last year and that’s a change I will never regret.

I walk wherever I can or use public transport rather than driving. Ah. No. Definitely can’t check this one. The fact of the matter is that my son’s disabilities require us to drive EVERYWHERE, even to locations within walking distance. So no, I can’t say that I’m saving the environment here. Hhhmmm.

Now this last point to me poses a big problem, because I’m all or nothing remember? And then I asked myself, “how much change is enough change?”.

And I realised. ANY change is enough change to make a difference. It’s the little things we do that really contribute to the overall change in the attitudes of the world around us. So from the moment I switched to cloth Nappies (thank you Sarah), and the moment I switched to Norwex (thank you Justine), I started contributing to a change in worldwide attitudes.

So I guess the lesson is, take the little steps and life will make the bigger step for you.

Thanks for reading,



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