How dangerous is a world of convenience really?

I had an early start this morning. I was driving down the motorway at 5am. I was thinking to myself “what I wouldn’t give to have this journey made easier for me right now”. And it got me thinking…

We live in a world of convenience. Some of it really cheap, some of it really expensive. High quality convenience comes at a price, so unless you are financially well off the chances are you are compromising something (health, environment, values) in order to achieve that convenience. But what do I mean by that?

Well – let’s take microwaveable meals as our first example. It’s a well known fact that they (mostly) are not great for your health due to the high salt levels. So when you eat one you are compromising your health in favour of the convenience of a quick and easy cooking experience.

Let’s take online shopping as another example. It’s more often than not significantly cheaper to buy from a major online site such as Tesco, Argos, Amazon etc. There is a slight difference that I’d like to note here as Amazon and eBay do allow independent sellers such as myself to sell their goods but I’m going to park that anomaly for now. So for the convenience of a cheaper price and a service which drops a product to your door, perhaps you compromise your value of buying locally where you can in order to help the local economy flourish.

A big compromise I made personally up until the start of this year was in the world of cleaning. I used products such as baby wipes to clean wherever I needed to because they were quick, effective and got the job done. But I didn’t realise just how much I was compromising by doing this. Not only are these wipes full of chemicals (so I was choosing convenience over my family’s health), they also contribute to landfill (I was choosing convenience over our ever struggling environment).

Going back to my last blog about “how much change is enough change?” I realised that by putting convenience first I was going against so many values I hold that really are now a part of who I am. They haven’t always been there, but they are now.

Norwex has helped me come back and live a value I haven’t always prioritised. The need for quick cleaning solutions was more important than health or environment. Thankfully I now have a quick cleaning solution that’s far more healthy for us all and considers environmental impact.

Now I’m just waiting for the rest of the world to catch up and prioritise these values over convenience…

Thanks for reading,



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