Why spring cleaning has a whole new meaning for me 

It’s been a rollercoaster ride for me so far in 2017… If someone had told me this time last year that I would be working for a direct selling company, I would have laughed in their face at the hilarity of the idea.

Me working for a direct selling company? Nope. Never gonna happen.

Truth is I still don’t consider myself to be working in the direct selling business. When I signed up to Norwex as an independent consultant, I wasn’t signing up to sell products, I was signing up to an idea. An idea that perhaps I really could make a difference one tiny bit at a time to help people make their homes a safer place to live in. Turns out, I’ve been making a difference one giant leap at a time! And this wasn’t something I was prepared for.

Norwex hasnt just allowed me to spring clean my home, it’s given me the chance to view my life in a completely different way. If you like, my vision of what my life would be has been given its own spring clean. Now I realise this sounds cheesy so bare with me…

My life has taken several different twists and turns over the years away from the path I always envisioned.

I lost my mum to cancer.

I had to give up full time work due to stress related illness following her death.

I had an extremely complicated pregnancy and birth to our beautiful son.

Our son has now been diagnosed with several disabilities.

I had to give up my childminding business due to his care needs (no regret here – his needs come first).

And now I’m working in direct selling. 

Seems crazy really that I’m actually most shocked about the last point on that list, considering the other events that have thrown my life “off course” as it were. 

I remember being in the car with my parents driving down a motorway. I must have been about 15 at the time and I remember this conversation clear as day. We were travelling back from visiting family in Bristol and we were discussing what I would like to do once I had left school, university etc. I had no idea. After discussing at length different options I said “whatever I do, I have to help people. I cannot work in a job solely for profit gain”. 

I stand by that statement today and I’m now 33. Before I got married and my mum became ill I had a career in the third sector managing voluntary projects for disadvantaged families. It was stressful at times, but I loved it. Then life took me on a different path. I knew I needed a flexible job that meant I could care for my son, help people and bring in an income. But that doesn’t exist. Or so I thought.

Before I signed up to Norwex I researched them a lot, and I took particular interest in their values. 

Integrity, trust and respect.

That immediately resonated with me. But was equally shocked at how on earth a direct selling company could uphold these values. But I tell you they do. And today I’m on a mission with this company to help people. To help people discover new ways to make their homes safer and to educate people on how the world is changing around us because of our own habits and decisions.

And yes, I make money. Enough money to buy my son the specialist clothing he needs and the therapeutic toys which make his life bareable.

And for the first time in 6 years I can honestly say, I’m winning at life 👌

If you’d like to find out more about how to get involved with Norwex drop me a line and tell me your story.

Thanks for reading,



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