The true cost of an ethical lifestyle 

Ok, so this blog may not be very original in topic, but last night as I walked around a well known supermarket chain I realised how this needs to be said, even if it’s been said many times before.

As I wondered around the aisles (a rarity for me, as I’m not normally able to go as my son can’t cope with the supermarket environment) I started comparing prices as any shopper would do. Organic vs. Name brand vs. Own brand vs. “the cheap version”  and so on… As a family on a limited budget I am very aware of how much I spend on a weekly shop. What became really obvious yesterday is how an ethical, healthy lifestyle that helps our planet is off limits for anyone on a budget. The cost of “the right choice” is just astronomical compared to “the cheap version”. This left me in such a quandary, what do I do? Feed my family within budget? Avoid chemicals on our food and prioritise our health? Only buy free range to give animals a better life? I actually became quite stressed out. How on earth have I been put in this situation? Surely it should be a choice to help protect our planet? But for many there is no choice. Because at the end of the day, you have to feed your family. You can’t not, whatever anyone says about your choices. Your family has to eat. 

Now I was fortunate enough to juggle some buying decisions and make sure we bought free range eggs etc. But the contents of my trolley was far from my ideal shop. 

The power of the large retail chains truly is mind blowing. If they wanted to they could reduce the price of the healthier ethical options, but that would mean a drop in profits… because after all, money makes the world go round right?

Sadly, it really does. I wonder who will be the first big chain to change this. 

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