Do as I say, not as I do…

Have you ever sat and watched a child play? In the early days most play revolves around problem solving. I’m sat here right now as I write this watching my 3 year old son build a train track. My son has challenges with his understanding that he needs to overcome, so it is particularly fascinating to watch him try and problem solve.

He’s trying to put a simple track together but he is stumbling across difficulties. So he tries another way. And another way. Then one more way. Then he stops. And he looks to me for guidance. I try and encourage him. But rather than following my words, he comes and sits next to me on the windowsill. He followed my actions.

I wasn’t even doing anything. I was sitting encouraging him verbally, but all he wanted was to do what I was doing. Like that somehow was the answer.

And then it hit me. We may not think we influence the future generations that much, but they are watching our every move. They listen to our words occasionally, but our actions sink in to levels so deep. They want to be just like us.

So when we choose convenience over environment, they are watching us.

When we choose not to recycle (and it is often a choice), they are watching us.

When we pay no interest in how to change tiny habits to help our planet, they are watching us.

Change doesn’t happen without change. 

And we need to be the change for our children.

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