Who’s team are you on?

I’m really enjoying the blogging side of my journey about changing my attitudes and practices about our planet. It’s helped me stay focused, it’s reminding me why I do it. But this morning I realised something. I’m finding this really stressful! But why?

Whilst I embark on changing my lifestyle and consumer choices I’ve discovered that most people seem to fall into one of two teams. The world appears to be “zero waste” vs. “No change”. I thought really carefully about how I named that second team, because I don’t necessarily think people are ignorant in the slightest – I actually blame the large profitable chains for not taking responsibility on reducing their prices and giving people the option to engage in an organic and zero waste lifestyle. They are the people who decide to pack everything in plastic after all. I’ll leave the Donald Trumps of this world out of this blog – that level of denial is a whole different story.

I mentioned in a previous blog that even though I’m an all or nothing person, the lifestyle my disabled son requires doesn’t fit into an all or nothing category. 

Basically, I don’t fit into team “zero waste” or team “no change”. And I feel like a hypocrite for not sitting in either camp. This is stressing me out. Like people will think I’m not taking my change in lifestyle seriously as I’m not zero waste. I’d like to be. But I’m not. No lies here in this blog. But I also don’t fit in team “no change”. As I’ve written before, even the tiniest of changes go a long way.

So, to stop myself feeling stressed out about this I’m creating a whole new team. The “Try My Best Team”.

I welcome anyone who wants to join this team – no matter how significant or un note worthy you feel your contribution is, come join me. We aren’t perfect. But we try. And together we will make more of a difference than we could ever imagine.

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