The importance of Bee-ing friendly ðŸ

Hands up if you’ve been on a beautiful walk through our countryside this Easter weekend?? 🙋🏻

Our family enjoyed a really beautiful walk through an English Heritage site this weekend. The bluebells had started to bloom and this always takes me back to my childhood memories of walking with my mum and dog through the woods where I grew up. My mum loved the bluebells, so much that she asked for some of her ashes to be scattered in that very place “with the bluebells where the sun comes through” (that’s not a conversation you forget). So for me, bluebells hold a really personal significance and joy.

But what if they weren’t there anymore? In fact, what if flowers didn’t grace our breautiful countryside at all? Sadly this is a stark reality. Changes in farming practices and climate change have meant that their are considerably less wild flowers than in previous years and our beautiful bees are under threat.

Now this may not seem like a major issue to some. After all, my previous blogs have been about the oceans filling with plastic, our planet disappearing before our eyes and being snatched from future generations. The disappearance of a small buzzing bee seems quite small in comparison does it not?

But it’s huge. It’s absolutely huge. Remember making daisy chains in the school playground as a kid? They still do it…  I saw some children making some when I picked my own son up from school on the last week of term. Remember holding a buttercup under your chin? Did it glow golden? And smelling the roses in the back garden, as a child, as an adult, who cares. In the blink of an eye it’s gone.

If you’ve read this far I’m hoping you might be thinking “is there anything I can actually do?” Yes there is! And it’s so easy!

Plant some flowers. It’s as simple as that. Without flowers the bees can’t help pollinate more flowers. So take a trip to the garden centre, or send off for some wild flower seeds online – you can get them for free! Just give it a quick google. We planted some last year and had beautiful pots of wild flowers and lots of bee visitors. The children who helped absolutely loved getting their hands dirty and doing some planting.

If you see a bee struggling, chances are it’s hungry and can’t fly away. A little puddle of sugar water right next to it will give it a drink, and enough energy to get home.

So you see, it really is simple! Please help. Find your motivation. Mine is wild bluebells. 

Thanks for reading,



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