The problem with plastic…

I’d like you to stop for a second and try and imagine the unimaginable. You are going to live forever. You will never leave this earth no matter how old you become. Nothing can destroy you, nothing can touch you. You are here for all time. 

Impossible yes? Not for plastic. It’s crazy to think that we as humans have invented a material that will outlive us for centuries and beyond. Because all the plastic you see everyday? Around your home? In your supermarket? It’s going no where.

It’s actually an incredible concept to get your head around. After all, the human race seems to be particularly good at destroying things. Problem is, we can’t destroy one of the most dangerous things we’ve invented. One of the most dangerous materials the earth has to try and swallow. And it’s full. In fact, the earth is throwing up plastic everywhere because it can’t take anymore.

Yet we keep using it. Companies are determined to use it for utterly pointless indulgences. Have you ever read about the dangers of plastic straws to turtles and other sea life? Look it up. Look it up right now. Then ask yourself if our lazy indulgence of using a plastic straw is really justified. Especially when you can easily buy stainless steal reusable straws which are of no danger to anyone…
The use of plastic is ingrained in our daily habits. Reducing the use of plastic requires us to fundamentally change the automatic pathways we follow each day. Particularly in a retail environment. 

So rather than abandon all hope of any change in your own personal practices because it just seems impossible – just pick one. Maybe switch from buying plastic packed vegetables, to loose veg with reusable produce bags. Or toilet rolls that are packaged with paper and not plastic.

Just one switch. One. Can you do it?

Thanks for reading,



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