The “make up” of makeup

So since I started this blog documenting my journey towards a greener and more ethical lifestyle I’ve learnt so much about the world we live in, the effect we have on the planet and… the incredible power of the mighty retail companies. As I dive further into the impact of the average persons daily habits and practices, I realise how we are driven by the mighty pound/euro/dollar (wherever you are in the world reading this). But what about vanity? Vanity is a whole other discussion. And a very emotive one at that. 

Now when I say vanity, I don’t mean someone who stands in front of the mirror telling themselves how beautiful they look (picture Gaston from Beauty & The Beast…). I’m talking again about everyday practices, everyday habits that we all do, to make ourselves feel better and feel accepted within society. This could be the use of deodorant, hair dye or make up. But today I’m concentrating on make up. Because I LOVE make up. I wear it everyday and it’s the latest part of my life for me to hold a microscope over and see what’s really beneath the surface. So here we go…

Since switching to Norwex I have developed the practice of finding out what chemicals are in the products I was using. And to be honest, I felt like I needed a science degree. All these terrifying numbers, letters and names of substances that quite frankly seemed like they deserved to be on the ingredients list of some kind of nuclear weapon. So naturally when I picked up my make up, I was pretty horrified to see the same list of chemicals on stuff that goes ON. MY. FACE. Directly on to my skin. Near my nose, eyes and mouth. 

I started to research what effects these ingredients can have on our bodies, and the following statements came up time and time again.

“May cause cancer”

“Harmful to fish and other wildlife”

“Reproductive toxicant” 

“Can produce antibiotic resistance”

Now I’m not in the game of scare mongering. And I certainly have no deliberate intention to scare anyone as they read this – but wow. Really? All these ingredients have been allowed into make up that we all so readily use every day.

It has to go. But where do I turn? Actually – it was pretty easy! Because there are companies out there who take their responsibilities seriously. Companies such as Lush, Younique and Bare Minerals are fab for natural ingredients and no cruelty to animals. So I’m making the switch and only using make up which is ethically sourced. You don’t need to give it up. You just need to make a change, something I know many of us struggle to do at the best of times.

But let me ask you this – what makes the picture below so beautiful? 

The make up? The hair? The clothes? Yes they all contribute. But what happens when the stunning countryside disappears? Those of you who have had your own weddings will know that when designing your wedding photo shoot you didn’t just talk about hair and make up, you talked about the back drop. What would capture your beauty just right and give your photos and your appearance the perfect finish.

It was our world, our earth. And if we continue to use products that harm our planet, the animals in it and ourselves, that backdrop will disappear.

Because that afterall is what makes us all truly beautiful.

Thanks for reading.



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