My journey to cloth paradise

When you’re pregnant with your first child you make all these fabulous plans! You will parent this way, raise them that way, they will eat every fruit and vegetable put in front of them etc. Then the reality of parenting hits and most of those plans go out the window…

When I was pregnant with my son I was no different. I knew exactly what type of parent I wanted to be. And I had my wish list of all the things we would need to give our child the best start in life. I was going to purely breastfeed, and my baby would only wear cloth Nappies. But my pregnancy did not turn out the way I had dreamed. Far from it in fact. There were multiple complications. Medications and treatments I did not want. But if I wanted a safe delivery at the end of it all, I had to follow medical advice. And so my journey of accepting life’s chosen path for my son began. 

Whilst I was pregnant my husband and I had talked about feeding and nappies at length. My mum was a committed breast feeder when I was born and I wanted to be the same. I was also keen to try cloth nappies and was adamant that we would save a fortune and the planet all in one go. My husband obliged, because why not? Everyone wins right?

The day my son was born was the happiest day of my life. But it was far from the fairytale I had imagined. A planned c section due to various complications led to him being born as close to full term as the doctors could safely get him. The birth was distressing for him (and me at that), but he arrived and all was well. And the breastfeeding began.

Only it didn’t. It didn’t work at all. No matter how hard I tried he would not latch. No midwife could get him to latch. No breastfeeding co ordinator could get him to latch. So we were left with syringes and cups of expressed breast milk. Five days later we were discharged. But he still wasn’t feeding. We were left with a choice. Express breast milk or switch to formula. It would seem like a straightforward choice – just express right? Only it wasn’t.

When I was pregnant we had been very organised and put a sum of money away for our cloth nappy kits. What we hadn’t budgeted for was a double electric breast pump, which is what we would have needed to keep our baby feeder sweet and happy. Because boy did he love his milk!

So, breastmilk or cloth. Ugh. I hated this decision. We went for breastmilk, for many reasons which I won’t bore you with now. But off into disposable nappies our little man went.

Time passed and if I’m totally honest, I forgot about cloth. Why? Because I had formed a habit. I knew where to buy disposables the cheapest. I had a changing routine. And that’s where I was stuck.

It wasn’t until my little man was nearly two that I finally got my head round cloth nappies. I told myself it was because we didn’t have the money. But truth be told, we could have slowly built up our cloth collection no problem at all.

This comes back to me being an all or nothing person, as mentioned in previous blogs. Do it properly or not at all, yes? No. 

Little man is nearly 3 and a half now. And we are in full cloth flow. He has additional needs and won’t be potty trained for some time. But oh how I’ve missed out on cloth when he was younger.

This week is Real Nappy Week. So I urge you, if you’ve been thinking about trying cloth Nappies, give them a go! They’re fantastic for your baby, save you a tonne of money and the patterns are goooorgeous!!

If I could go back, I’d build my collection up over time. I’d have had enough to use cloth only by 9 months I reckon. The picture above shows how many disposable nappies you use over a year compared to cloth based on an average of 6 changes a day. Those disposable nappies are choking our earth. They’re being put into landfill and left. 

I’m not perfect. My son sometimes wears a disposable at night time. But if we can all make just a small change, we could save so much beauty. 

A beauty for our children to enjoy.

Thanks for reading,



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