Introducing the ‘Make-Up Removal Cloth’ ***PRODUCT REVIEW***

I’ve used so many brands of make up remover in my time that I have lost count. None of them have ever stuck with me, I’ve not become loyal to any one particular brand. Truth be told I never gave it much thought. As long as the make up came off and my skin was clean at the end of the day that was all that mattered right? Wrong. Unbeknown to my teenage self, it doesn’t just matter that you unclog your pores, it’s how you go about it that really makes a difference to your skin. As a teenager with horrendous acne I was sucked in by all the TV ads of beautiful young men and women prancing around with perfect skin, hair and teeth claiming that an extremely harsh facial wash with various chemicals in would transform my life, and boys would be falling over themselves to ask me out. The first one I ever tried left me with a huge red and painful rash on my face that nearly required treatment in A&E. Hhhhmmmmm…

From that moment on I was extremely sceptical about any facial wash, make up remover, pore minimiser etc. I still am today and I’m very hard to please. And that’s why I had to write this product review.

Meet the Norwex make up removal cloth.



This cloth claims to remove make up and cleanse your face, cleaning all your pores using only water. No chemicals, no soaps, no cleansers needed. Just water. It also claims to be suitable for “irritable, mature and sensitive skin” (taken from the 2016 Autumn catalogue). Naturally when I was told this, my sceptical self rose to the surface and my expectation for the product actually achieving its purpose was fairly minimal. But hey, nothing ventured nothing gained right? So I trialled it.

Before I give my conclusions on this product I’d like to draw your attention to what makes it different from other make up removers on the market.

  1. It only uses water – you can’t get more natural than that. No chemicals at all. Just water and a unique microfiber cloth. No longer do I have to put up with my eyes stinging every time I try and remove my eye liner.
  2. The suede microfiber. This make up removal cloth is woven so tightly that it would stretch to several times the length of the UK if unravelled. And it’s all one strand of material. It’s also so tiny in width (1/200th of a human hair) that it’s ability to collect and pick up dirt, grease and bacteria from your face is unrivalled as far as I can see. Lifting 99% of bacteria using just water.
  3. Norwex have woven natural silver into the cloth. Silver is one of nature’s biggest natural antibacterial agents and will kill mould, mildew and natural bacteria that come into contact with it. Norwex have woven silver into their cloths so that they attack this bacteria – they call it BacLock. So essentially, as long as you hang your cloth up where the air can reach it, you have a self cleaning cloth
  4. It’s reusable. Big win. Once you have bought this product you simply need to look after it and it will look after you. If cared for correctly, the cloth is guaranteed for two whole years. This is going to save you a tonne of money over that time that you would be spending on cotton pads, make up remover liquids and face washes.
  5. It’s affordable. It’s only £14.99 for a set of three. That’s it. You don’t need anything else for a minimum of two whole years.
  6. It’s multipurpose. When used wet, the cloth acts as a make up remover and a cleanser. When damp, it will exfoliate your skin. This is obviously very easy to switch between and is administered with ease.

So how did I find this cloth in comparison to other products on the market?

  1. This cloth is simply the BEST make up removal product I have ever bought. I immediately noticed that my skin’s redness, swelling and sensitivities were dramatically reduced. This was due to the elimination of harsh chemicals in my products. I don’t need them anymore. Just water.
  2. When I started using this cloth I was actually being advised by my GP to use a medicated cream to treat my acne. I no longer need this. My skin is far clearer than ever before without using any medically prescribed treatment.
  3. My make up removes really easily! To prove this I have actually recorded a video demo to show how quickly the make up comes off and with how little effort. Even my eyeliner and mascara comes off without harsh scrubbing or prolonged efforts. (please note I do not wear waterproof mascara).

Any problems with the cloth?

My only niggle with the cloth is that make up can stain the cloth quite easily. As the cloth has the silver BacLock system, this isn’t a problem on the bacteria side of things as the cloth remains clean. However, it can look a tad unsightly in your bathroom. Personally I have solved this problem very easily by squirting a little Norwex hand wash on to the cloth prior to rinsing after make up removal (you shouldn’t use any old brand of hand wash as it can harm the BacLock system if it contains chemicals). So it’s a problem easily fixed, but a problem that shouldn’t really be there all the same…

In conclusion…

The make up removal cloth is an all round winner. It’s affordable, effective and safe. It’s environmentally sound and reusable. I’d recommend this cloth to anyone from a teenager to those with more mature skin. But don’t take my word for it, give it a try!

If you’d like to purchase to make up removal cloth set, you can find it here

Thanks for reading,



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