The Household Package Plus ***PRODUCT REVIEW***

So like thousands of other companies, Norwex offer package deals. Sensible really, great incentive for you to save some money! But is it worth buying a larger pack of products to save that bit of extra cash? Honestly? Let’s find out…

Now obviously I am a Norwex consultant. Let’s make sure everyone is clear on that from the start. But, I’m a pretty honest gal. A little too honest for many people’s liking at times! So take my reviews with a pinch of salt, or trust in my honesty – I won’t judge you for either! But I want to take an honest look at the value for money you get from the Household Package Plus (HPP) set.

What is it?

The HPP is a collection of some of Norwex’s bread and butter products that they have put together and knocked a bit off the price – standard marketing. But what we want to know is, what can you achieve with this package? And how many extra products do you need to purchase in order to be fully set up to create your safer haven? The HPP is made up of the following products:

Envirocloth, windowcloth, dusting mitt and envirowand. 

Now this blog isn’t about me reviewing each of these products individually, it’s about looking at the value of the pack. So, my next question is…

What can you clean with this pack?

Honestly? Everything. Why? Because it has an envirocloth. The cloth that replaces any need for antibacterial spray, chemicals or potions and just requires the use of little water. So straight off we see that this pack has transferable value in that you can achieve numerous cleaning jobs with it.

“Let it shine!” – the pack has a window cloth people… a firm favourite of mine. Shine your windows, mirrors and taps without any cleaning products. Just a little water. Again a transferable product, lots to be achieved with the window cloth.

Now. This is the part where I become a bit unsure. The dusting mitt is included. An epic piece of kit and one of the first Norwex products to make a huge difference to me by reducing my asthma symptoms. It’s fab. You don’t even need water. But…

Then we also have an envirowand. I have to admit when I first saw this pack I immediately wondered why we needed a dusting mitt and an envirowand – they both dust. They both have BacLock. So I took them both out for a spin. They both picked up dust really well. Personally I preferred the mitt on window sills, the tv and the book case. That is, until I couldn’t reach the top of the book case. Hhmmmm. But that’s ok. No one can see up there can they? I pondered on this point for a moment before realising how ridiculous I was actually being. The dust hiding on the top of my bookcase, picture shelf, door etc is what is really causing my asthma problems. It slowly builds to pretty hefty levels. So out came the wand and wow did it come into its own! All that dust hidden from view was magically removed. 

And so I answered my question. Is it worth purchasing a pack with two products used for dusting? Yep. It is. It’s almost like Norwex know exactly what they are talking about. 

So this pack easily covers you for cleaning surfaces, dusting at all levels, keeping your windows, mirrors and taps super shiny and cleaning up any spillages. But let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Can you clean your toilet with this pack?

In my opinion, no. You need an extra product. I’d probably recommend blue diamond on the sanira toilet brush. However, if you really wanted to, you could clean your toilet using your envirocloth. It’s not beyond the realms of possibility. It’s not the easiest product to use, or the nicest if you’re not a fan of sticking your hands down the loo… but, it can be done.

So, is this pack going to take you to cleaning pleasure land? Answer, yes! It’s a great all round pack for multi uses throughout the home. But in the future you may want to invest in one or two extras.

Save money, save time, save the environment. And with a further discount on top? For me, it’s a winner. I do love a bargain!

Happy cleaning ladies and gents!

Thanks for reading,



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