Face & Neck Gel vs. Timeless Day/Night Cream ***PRODUCT REVIEW***

I do love a good review blog 👌

So, as with most companies, Norwex have many products which slightly overlap. This is so people have choices (often relating to price, style etc) when they are purchasing and are not restricted to one product. End of. Recently I’ve been using a few products from the Norwex beauty range and I realised that perhaps I don’t need them all. So which one do I need? Good question! Clearly there is no other way for me to decide this other than by writing a blog and seeing where I end up! Ready? Off we go!

Today we are looking at the Aloe Vera Face and Neck Gel vs. Timeless Day and Night cream. Why? They are all moisturising products that are ever so slightly different. If you’re not sure which one is for you, then hopefully my ramblings will help you make the right decision!

Let’s start with the Face and Neck Gel.

This gel is designed to hydrate and soften your skin. That’s just a fancy way of saying moisturise right? That’s what I thought anyway. However, as I began to use it I realised it felt really different from your run of the mill moisturiser. Why? It absorbed into my skin so unbelievably quickly! Now, my skin is extremely oily. Moisturisers have often failed me, made my skin horrendously shiny or brought me out in a delightful bombardment of pimples. I often feel anxious at just using a moisturiser as I wait to see what it will unleash on my skin.

But not this one. The gel is so light, and very fluid. It’s thin and spreads easily over your face as you massage it in. And you know how they said it would “hydrate” your skin? Well it seems to do exactly that! Until now I had no idea what hydrated skin would even feel like, but it’s just like my face has been given a huge drink of water and it is mega happy about it! As for breakouts, none to report! Stunned on this point. I’ve tried many well know brands such as Clinique, including their gels as my daily moisturiser, and I would still suffer breakouts on a regular basis. But no more. Another major positive is how it mattifies your skin. No shine at all. So it’s ideal for wearing under make up. Honestly, I can find very little wrong with this product. Perhaps a negative that some may find (not me) is that it isn’t the most luxurious moisturising treatment, it’s a practical treatment designed to give results. And it does exactly that. If you’re looking for luxurious however, look no further!

Meet the Timeless Day Cream.

Another moisturiser designed by Norwex to be used in your morning routine. Now they recommend that this Cream is used in conjunction with the facial firming serum and eye cream. But for now we are just going to look at the cream in isolation as a moisturiser. So first major difference, this is a cream and not a gel. Some people may prefer this, but I was sent back to my place of anxiety where I was concerned about outbreaks. But I didn’t need to worry. Yet again, no outbreaks! Although the cream feels much richer, it absorbs just as fast. In comparison the the face and neck gel I would say it does feel much “heavier” on the skin. You’re far more aware that you’re wearing moisturiser if that makes sense. My skin felt a tad more dewy. But it soon disappeared leaving a smooth, soft surface. The heavier feel was perhaps not as nice to feel under my make up, but I don’t think I would have noticed this if I hadn’t already been spoilt with the face and neck gel. I think this comes down to nothing but preference. For me, the light non greasy texture of the face and neck gel wins here.

But what about the nighttime routine? Using the face and neck gel before bed and overnight left my skin feeling moisturised for sure. But then I tried the Timeless Night Cream…

Wow. That’s all I have to say. Personally I’ve never understood the fuss about nightcreams. I’ve never noticed any difference whatsoever when using one, except for the occasional outbreak of acne due to a greasy pore clogging application. So I had no expectations for the Timeless Night Cream whatsoever. How wrong I was! I applied it the first night. Skin wasn’t looking great. Woke up the next morning to take that hideous first look in the mirror. The word “wow!” actually came out of my mouth! I have genuinely never seen the physical effects of a Night Cream. But my skin was considerably more healthy looking, pimples and redness reduced, and I looked slightly glowing! (And no, to those who know me I’m definitely NOT pregnant).   I was so impressed that I doubted the prolonged effect of the product. So I tried it again the next night. Same thing! This is genuinely the first Night Cream I’ve ever noticed any visible difference with. Mega win!

So, with these three products being very similar in what they achieve, my conclusion is…

It’s obviously down to personal preference but personally I am using the Aloe Vera Face and Neck Gel as a base in the mornings before make up, and the Timeless Night Cream at night. That’s what works for  me, and I’m LOVING it!

For information on any of the above products please click the links below:

Aloe Vera Face and Neck Gel https://daniellepunter.norwex.co.uk/?p=n&sectid=175&cid=38&pid=403132

Timeless Day Cream https://daniellepunter.norwex.co.uk/?p=n&sectid=175&cid=38&pid=403081

Timeless Night Cream https://daniellepunter.norwex.co.uk/?p=n&sectid=175&cid=38&pid=403086

If you’d like to try all four of the Timeless range, contact me today for samples for just £3.50

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