So, it’s been a while…

It’s been a long time since I last blogged. A few weeks at least. Truth be told the longer I left the blog the more I have been dreading it. Why? Because I was worried you guys would find out the truth. The truth that life has thrown me yet another curve ball and I hadn’t kept up my green living promise. That I had sunk back into old habits, and the daily consideration of our beautiful world and my son’s future no longer took pride of place in my mind.

But here I am. Ready to honestly tell you how I’ve been doing. So I started thinking through where I have been going wrong. And that was my first mistake.

If you’re anything like me you are the first to criticise yourself. You don’t need it from anyone else, you beat them to it every time. And for the first time in a long time, writing this blog made me very angry with myself – because the first question I asked myself was essentially “how are you failing?”. If this is how everyone looks at their attempts to change their lifestyle, whether it be green living, diet, or giving up smoking, no wonder we stop trying! Our egos simply can’t take it!

So I flipped the question on its head and asked “what have I been doing well at?”.

This is a new experience for me, I don’t often ask that question at all. So, here was my answer…

I’ve been using much healthier and safer products and my house is no longer caked in chemicals every time I clean. Huge win!

Our cupboard that was full of plastic carrier bags, is no longer full. In fact, it’s pretty empty. We’ve used up the bags we had and reusable grocery bags are very much the fashion in our house now. Amazing!

I’ve made some gorgeous charity shop purchases, and given away objects, clothes and toys from around our house that we don’t use, for free to local families. They won’t be contributing to landfill for quite some time…

We sorted out some night time cloth nappies for our son – so we are saving at least seven disposable Nappies a week. Brilliant!

And finally for now, our waste is reducing as we keep a steady hand on our recycling and are far more mindful of how much food we buy, creating a lot less waste.

At the beginning of this blog I was dreading writing it. Now, I’m incredibly proud of the changes we have made as a family, despite our challenging life circumstances. Just goes to show, if you concentrate on the positive, the negative will find its rightful place, at the very back of the stage, out of the limelight.

So go on, ask yourself how you’re doing and look for the positive. You might be pleasantly surprised…

Thanks for reading,



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