***PRODUCT REVIEW*** Madara skincare set 

It’s product review time! I do love a good review me 😊

So this week I was very kindly sent some free samples of Madara purifying foam, day and night cream. I’m always keen to try these three products in particular as my skin requires a rigid routine of cleanse, tone, moisturise and the occasional exfoliate to keep it looking even moderately acceptable to the human eye! Those of you who already follow me on social media and read my blog will know that I found my soul mate of skincare in Norwex back at the beginning of the year. I’ve never seen such amazing effects from a simple skin care routine. So when I stumble across a new alternative, I’m keen to see if it can rival my love for the Norwex beauty range! So, here we go…

Let’s start with who Madara are. Madara are a Latvian company that make and produce organic skincare products. Their ingredients include blossoms and herbal extracts from the Baltic region. They are certified by ECOCERT and use environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging. So being a company that taps into my own core values I couldn’t resist a sneaky try!

The Purifying Foam

Overall I was actually very impressed with this. The foam had a pleasant aroma and a silky texture which easily applied to the skin and even when spread thinly, still cleansed at a good level. I was impressed with the foam’s ability to remove make up. Most importantly for me, it didn’t cause pain or soreness to my eye area which is extremely vulnerable and sensitive. I did however still need to use my Norwex make up removal cloth to take off the final remnants of my eye make up. After washing clean with water my skin itself felt extremely soft, with what I would call a pleasant tightness. It wasn’t uncomfortable and resembled the feeling I would normally experience after toning with pure rose water and possibly some chamomile. Would I buy it? If I hadn’t discovered Norwex already then yes I would. But my journey to find something to beat the Norwex make up removal cloth is still ongoing. By buying this foam I’m contributing to more unnecessary packaging and committing myself to a regular financial bill to pay, when I don’t need to. For me, the Norwex face cloth is still my winner. But I did very much enjoy my time with the purifying foam.

Deep Moisture Fluid Day

I’m very cautious about day creams and moisturisers. I’m prone to breakouts very easily and even a slight imbalance in my skins oils can send my face into acne meltdown! Nevertheless, I gave this a try… Again, lovely aroma! Very pleasant on my nasal passages! 😂 This is a beautifully light cream and absorbs very quickly, which is something I look for as time is of the essence for me in the morning and make up is a must! It was most definitely not as oily as numerous other moisturisers I have tried. However, a shine did emerge on my skin throughout the day. I’m sure a stronger primer could have prevented this, but a truely good moisturiser is able to keep the skin hydrated and soft whilst keeping an oily surface under control. A few days in though and the inevitable happened. A breakout. Now I don’t expect this would happen to everyone as my skin is usually a law unto itself. But yet again I revert to my saviour, my Norwex, and the confidence and consistency that their Aloe Vera face and neck gel provides me with. 

Regenerating Cream Night

Have I mentioned the gorgeous smell of these products yet?? Thought I might… same goes for the night cream! Now this is most definitely a more dense cream than the day moisturiser, but I would expect that. My skin definitely felt more dewy after applying it which left me a tad worried about my pores becoming blocked overnight. It didn’t happen though! Whilst I have no negative effects to report on this cream, I didn’t seem to see any particularly positive ones either. I’m used to seeing a definite glow and improvement in my skin overnight from using the Norwex timeless range. So if I’m honest, I was pretty indifferent to this product. 

Overall, I think these products are lovely, particularly the purifying foam. It’s almost a shame that I have no need for it! My love affair with Norwex continues on, as does my search for a new rival skincare product.

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