Its Norwex o’clock!

I’m in a thoughtful mood. I started thinking about my day today. I’m very good at criticising myself over producing too much waste, mainly because I haven’t had the chance to put enough thought into purchases, or I’ve missed some food at the back of the fridge. So, for a change, I decided to start thinking about all the things I had done right! Because believe it or not (I couldn’t), I had actually done a number of things automatically to help preserve our planet and keep my family safe from unnecessary chemical exposure today.

Those of you who are regular readers will know that I have written a lot about habits in the past. How difficult they can be to form, and how it is a conscious battle with yourself to change the way you do things. So today I’m celebrating my new habits. Go me! Whoop!

So how did my day start? Well actually I managed a lie in! My darling son decided to grace us with his presence at a mere 5.30am, rather than the 4am hell we are used to. Hooray! So I peeled myself out of bed and away from the cushioned paradise of my pillow, and dragged my feet across the landing to the bathroom. And here’s where my positive decisions over the last 5 months have started to really impact my daily life… I washed my face. With water. No chemicals, no face wash, no disposable products. Just water and a Norwex face cloth. I’ve noticed over the last few months that my basket of over rated cosmetic lotions and potions has remained quite static. Because I don’t need them anymore! I need to clean them out but I don’t want the guilt of all that packaging going in my bins (recycling or otherwise). So until the day I’m brave enough to face up to my past daily practices in skin care, there they shall stay. Instead I head to my bedside table and choose which of my moisturisers I will use today. It’s in a recyclable plastic container. Again, no nasty chemicals. No guilt! Boom!

I get the kiddo some breakfast and pop some washing on. Normally in the morning it’s a load of cloth Nappies, and today was no exception. Used my UPP washing powder and felt great about no nasty residues or chemicals heading towards the ocean. Another winner! 

My days are often quite hectic, but I’m trying to set myself small housework targets where I can. Today the unthinkable happened and the kiddo napped!! So I headed for a cleaning job I have been putting off for weeks… mine and the hubby’s bedroom. It’s always last on my list. Representative of my priorities in life I guess, as the hubby and I do tend to come last in most things. But we don’t care, anything for our amazing boy! I sat on the bed and examined the disarray that stared back at me. There was only one thing for it… the dust mitt. The dust was history in a matter of minutes! The air in the room remained clear and the surfaces were smooth and shiny. No disposable products used either. Even my asthma agreed! Which is a miracle because it has been most disagreeable of late.

I took a quick glance around my kitchen before writing this. Why? Because it’s clean! Clean I tell you! Yep, miracles do happen. The only product out is my Norwex washing up liquid. The rest, cloths. That’s it.

Now I appreciate this blog is a lot more rambling than usual. Normally I write with a focus in mind for the end. But today, I write quite selfishly. Today I write for me. Because when you say something out loud, when you publish it in text, it becomes real. And today I write that I’m feeling genuinely good about the changes I have made for my family, and for our future. And the money I have saved in my bank account 😉

Thanks for reading,



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