Norwex FAQs…

I frequently get asked the same questions time and again about numerous Norwex products. All very valid questions! And it’s great to see people care about their homes and their health šŸ‘Œ

So, I thought I’d pop a few down in writing here for you lovely people to browse through, and maybe check back on in the future should you need to šŸ˜Š But don’t let this put you off asking me questions! I’m always happy to chat Norwex and green living šŸ‘ I’ll be adding to this blog over time as the questions mount up, so keep your eyes peeled for updates! Ok? Here we go…

1. How is Norwex microfibre different from cheaper microfibre cloths I can buy in the supermarket?

A:   Norwex microfibre is thinner than any microfibre cloth you will find in a supermarket, including the e-cloth. Where as most cloths only use thread that is 1/6th of a human hair in width, Norwex thread is an incredible 1/200th in width. It is also sewn more densely. Both these factors allow it to pick up far more bacteria from the surface you are cleaning, simply using water. Alongside this, our cloths have antibacterial silver sewn into them which enables the cloth to kill off mould, mildew and bacteria when hung out to dry. Germs and bacteria will never transfer between surfaces, as the cloth contains them and locks them away.

2. How do I clean and look after my microfibre?

A:   Your microfibre can be washed on a normal cycle in your washing machine using a non bio powder detergent. Do not use softener or dryer sheets. Do not wash with towels. This is because the cloth can become coated in fibres from these materials and it lessens the cleaning ability of the cloth. We recommend the use of our UPP washing powder as it does not contain any fillers and will prevent any holes appearing in your microfibre. We also recommend the use of the washing net to prevent the cloth catching on the inside of your washing machine. 

3. How often should I wash my microfibre products?

A:   This really is up to you. After each use, rinse under a tap throughly and hang out to dry somewhere where the air can reach it (i.e. Over a radiator or on a hook). This is so the silver can get to work and kill off the nasties in your cloth. How often you put them through the washing machine will depend on what you are cleaning. E.g. A tomato sauce clean up will stain your cloth so you may wish to pop that straight in the wash. I know many people wash the microfibre they use to clean their toilets each week. Otherwise, once every few weeks should be fine, but use your own judgement here.

4. Why don’t I need to use as much UPP when putting a load in the washing machine, compared to what I use with my supermarket or name brand powder?

A:   Unlike other brands, Norwex does not put any fillers in their UPP washing powder. Fillers (such as chalk, glass, whiteners etc) are put in your powder simply to bulk it out. Whiteners are added to make the powder more appealing to the eye, as perfumes are added to make it more appealing to your nose! Norwex powder is pure, therefore you need a much smaller amount to get the same (if not better!) clean. It also means that no nasty fillers are being flushed out into our oceans and harming our aquatic wildlife.

5. Why don’t I need to use softener with my UPP?

A:   Softener is simply used to counteract the effect of the fillers in your washing powder. Take away the fillers, and you have no need for softener! Cha-Ching! Save those pennies…


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