Let it all hang loose!

I love tea. I have always loved tea. A good English cup of tea is a huge comfort to me and has been since my early teen years. Back then I never really ever considered the environmental impact of anything I did. I was blissfully ignorant of the effect of my actions. Sigh.

Nowadays I cannot use ignorance as an excuse. Apart from anything else, the Internet is the most powerful tool in providing education on environmental matters. And I embrace that. 

So, many of you will understand my horror when I discovered only a month or two ago that my beloved tea bags actually contain plastic! I didn’t believe it at first as you can pop them in your compost bin. But yep, sure enough, after triple checking the facts I had to accept the fact that tea bags contain plastic. Now why they contain plastic i have no idea, but given the journey I’m on to reduce the waste levels of my household, reduce the use of chemicals, and the fact it is plastic free July, there was only one thing for it. The switch to loose tea needed to be made. 

Now as with any of the changes i have made over the recent months, I was a tad overwhelmed for a moment or two. I had no idea how you even used loose tea! (I’ve never been that posh…). So, a quick bit of research and I discovered just how easy it was! Buy a metal infuser, fill with tea leaves of your choice, et voila! You’ve made your own tea bag! Can’t believe I didn’t make this change sooner quite frankly.

So off I go to buy my loose tea, and guess what. Most of it comes in plastic packaging. Really? What’s the point of changing my practices to reduce the use of plastic, if all the packaging is made of plastic!! But luckily a well known chain brand shop came to my rescue. Now I majorly prefer to shop local. I believe in supporting local enterprise where you can, but sometimes a decision has to be made. Although the tea from the well known brand will have travelled further, there was the option to purchase plastic free. And that after all is why I made this change in the first place. So I purchased my metal reusable caddy and I was off! So many teas! Plus, if I bring the caddy back to refill they will give me a discount as I have reduced the use of packaging. Fair play brand who shall not be named, I’m chuffed with that!

So I’ve managed to eliminate the use of plastic from my beloved tea making process. Zero waste win! And quite frankly, it tastes soooooo much better 👌

I’m off for a cuppa ☕️ thanks for reading,



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