Feeling blue about turning green…

When I started to make these changes to our lifestyle and consumption habits, I genuinely had no idea that there would be so many highs and lows! Seriously, this journey is an emotional rollercoaster. And I’m the mum of a child with autism. Emotions run high all the time in this house.

So I ask myself, why is it so emotional? Is it the change in products? Is it some kind of hormonal reaction to not using those chemicals we have all been so used to since we were born? Nope. The answer is simple. And gobsmacking. It’s people.

People on this journey are really sending me slightly bonkers if truth be told. How can changes that I see as so positive, be so negative and insulting to others. Like all journeys in life you make decisions, you try ideas and you learn from consequences. But it’s like I’m not being allowed to do that on this journey. I must get it right first time, or be held at the mercy of those holier than thou. Those who don’t mistakes, those who are the true eco warriors. And if you don’t do as they say, you’re not allowed in their club. Access denied.

I want to learn from these people. I want to find out how I can make as many changes as possible, but I’m tired. I’m tired of the criticism. I’m tired of being made to feel like this is an all or nothing game. And quite frankly, I’m a little annoyed right now!

There needs to be a more supportive and encouraging environment around this subject. Not an exclusive VIP access all areas pass which you’re only allowed to hold if you do everything 100% perfectly, and if you don’t, you’re thrown out of the club.

Apologies for the emotional outpouring in this blog. I’m tired and feeling pretty defeated right now. Maybe things will look up in the morning.

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4 thoughts on “Feeling blue about turning green…

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  1. I’m sorry you have experienced that. Sadly this is true of almost any movement (vegans are terrible!), the types of people who get their kicks out of criticizing others make the most noise.

    There are a lot of great bloggers and youtubers out there talking about green living with a good attitude and I encourage you to drop the preachers and find those people who are truly interested in helping. Lauren from Trash is for Tossers, Erin from My Green Closet, and Kat from Eco boost all seem to be pretty positive.

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    1. Thanks Erin! I really do need to find those blogs – I mustn’t let these people stop me making changes! Why do people feel the need to do it? And they wonder why lots of people don’t get involved in changing their lifestyles 🤔


      1. I like to think that deep down they are just passionate and not very good at communicating, but of course, some of them really are just mean spirited people.

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