Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the greenest of them all?

Nothing like a 4am start for a bit of blogging! Thanks kiddo…. yawn…. 

When I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is look in the mirror. Why? No idea. Habit maybe? Sometimes it’s too see what make up challenges lie ahead for me that morning, just how bad are the bags under my eyes?! This morning I asked myself if this was an extremely vain thing to do. Or perhaps normal? Or maybe it’s the perfect sign of how much we value what other people think of our appearance. I look in the mirror and think, “ok, so this is what other people are going to be looking at today”. How can I make it better? Will they treat me with more respect if I look less tired? If I look more polished? I obviously do believe that people will treat me differently because as I pile on the slap each day I start to feel more and more confident. I start to feel as though I could take on the world! Make an impact of some description. 

I have no issue with this principle – whatever makes you feel good right? But this week I have been having many interesting conversations with people about zero waste practices when it comes to appearance and cosmetics. What’s the greenest way to remove make up? How can we remove plastic from using contact lenses? And it’s got me thinking. I personally use a Norwex make up removal cloth on my face morning and night. No packaging, no chemicals, reusable. I consider this a good green option. But not to a zero waster. I was fairly publicly slammed for suggesting the use of this product due to the possibility (possibility) of microfibres entering the ocean when the cloth was washed. Now it’s no secret that I have really acne prone skin, and the use of this cloth is the best ever treatment I’ve had, without using medication, at keeping my skin clear and smooth. So have I chosen vanity over our environment?

Someone else I know who is more than dedicated to keeping our environment sustainable and clean and green uses contact lenses. But that involves plastic packaging. And purchasing the cleaner which comes in a plastic container. So someone asks them if they would consider glasses instead? This person acknowledged that glasses would be better but had genuine reasons for using contacts. And yes, that included appearance. 

It’s completely natural to strive towards that feeling of confidence that is associated with looking our very best. It’s how we are taken seriously, how we are accepted into society. If you examine the behaviour of any species of animal you will see the same principle in their mating practices.

To those zero wasters who put the environment before anything else, I salute you. I genuinely think you’re incredible. I will continue to try and remove as much waste from my house as possible. I’m about to run out of cotton wool and intend on using an old cotton baby blanket of my sons to replace them. But I would be lying if I said I would give up my practices that keep my appearance at what I feel is an acceptable level, to take myself to completely zero waste. In this case, I will be sticking with my Norwex face cloths as they are amazing at removing bacteria and only use water. 

Some of you made read this and greatly disapprove. And that’s ok. My blog after all is about quandaries just like this. Where will I draw the line on my journey to reduce waste as much as possible? On the beauty front, I appear to have well and truly drawn it. 

Thanks so much for reading,



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