Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble…

In a way, changing your lifestyle so that you’re not surrounded by unnecessary and nasty chemicals is a little bit like going on a diet. You see the cake, the chocolate and the biscuits everywhere you go. Temptation is frequent, as is the ongoing battle with yourself not to give in. Now in my case I’m talking about products like perfume, certain make up and (above all else) bubble baths. My god what I would give for a huge, hot luxurious bubble bath right now. Imagine your sore aching muscles at the end of a long day. Imagining it? You slip into a tub of silky bubbles. The world and all its worries melt away around you. Bliss.

I want it. Right now. I want that slice of bubble bath cake. In fact, I want the whole cake. With extra bubbles on top.

But I made a promise. A promise to reduce and, where possible, remove the use of nasty chemicals in my home wherever I possibly could. And what do bubble baths have in them? SLS. My ultimate chemical demon. Bad for me, bad for my family, bad for the environment. Used by me for one luxurious hour, only to be drained away into our seas.

I can’t do it. 

Now it’s not that I don’t like my essential oil baths, most of the time the aroma is so relaxing I forget my want for bubbles. But like when you’re on that diet, on that healthy eating streak, I feel like the products I can’t have are whispering in my ear, “go on, one day of wearing perfume won’t hurt”. But when you add one day to the next, and the next day to “I’ll just use up the rest of this bottle” to “oh but that was a present” you end up right back at square one.

So tonight when I slip into my essential oils bath (I’m thinking lavender and geranium?) I will dream of my bubbles, and give myself a huge pat on the back for finding a way round my chemical craving.

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