A clear out of my soul…

Apologies for the heavy title. But I feel as though I’ve had an emotional cartharsis this afternoon.

Last week I bought a book. I hate books. But I needed this one. Or so I thought. Turns out I read about 3 lines and I had gained enough information from it. I’m a flicker you see, I hardly ever read from cover to cover. I seek out only the necessary information. I think it’s because most of the time there isn’t space in my brain for anything other than the kiddos hospital appointments. If you like, my brain is ordered and tidy, even though it is full, otherwise it doesn’t function. My house on the other hand couldn’t be more different. 

My house is full. Full to the brim of “stuff”. No other elegant word to describe it. Just plain old “stuff”.  It would seem that I spend so much of my time organising my brain, that my house can go jump.

But I have my limits, as we all do. And last week I reached mine. My house was chaos. Jumble absolutely everywhere. So naturally I bought a book before I actually did anything – had to make sure I put the job off for as long as possible! So off I went to read about the Kon Marie method. And one line stood out for me above all. “What makes you feel good?” Now that’s a question… never really thought about it before. But from a green living perspective it’s such an important thing to consider. And here’s how I discovered this.

I had a clear out. One almighty huge clear out of my bedroom. And I only kept what made me feel good. My word, the amount of stuff that’s being shipped off to the charity shop or recycled is actually gobsmacking! And I started thinking about how my house (and possibly my life, I am in a philosophical mood after all) would look if I just applied this principle every day. It would be clearer, less wasteful. If I wasn’t surrounded by a layer of clutter all day, everyday, I would see the things I truly value. An example of this in materialistic terms happened earlier when I waded through the unnecessary jumble only to find an absolute favourite piece of clothing. I haven’t seen it for a year. If I hadn’t lost what I truly value amongst all the clutter I would have been better off financially (I had to buy new clothes this year), I would have felt better about myself having this top to wear, and I would have been able to see what is truly there.

So apply this principle in all areas of your life. You’ll use less, waste less and most importantly you’ll feel good a lot more of the time. Simply ask yourself, “what makes you feel good?”

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