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People are often asking how I started down this road to a cleaner and greener home for my family and I. Like most of us do when we make life changing decisions, I had a ‘moment of clarity’. A moment where I realised a change was needed, and a drastic change at that. And it went a little something like this…

In October 2016 I was cleaning my home. The smell of bleach made me gag a little (I know some people love it, no judgement from me!). I finished cleaning the bathroom and went to run a bath for my then two year old son. As the water started running I could see the oily residue of the cleaning products I had used seeping into his bath water.

That moment changed me.

I couldn’t bring myself to put him in that bath. I didn’t know what was in the cleaning products I had used and they certainly didn’t look toddler friendly. So I cleaned the bath tub with hot water and castile soap (this is a pure form of soap made with natural ingredients) and once I was satisfied that the bath was clean of all the ‘cleaning’ products I had used, my son had his bath.

That night I ordered two books on essential oils and over the next week I made my own natural cleaning products using baking powder, white vinegar and essential oils. I used them everyday and I felt so much better about knowing exactly what I was using on my surfaces and around my child.

After Christmas that year I received an invite to a lovely friends Norwex party. I had no idea what it was – but decided to go as she had promised me Prosecco and nibbles… Plus, it was a night out in adult company! I was bowled over by the products. Simply using water I was giving my house the best and safest clean possible.

From that day on I used only Norwex products to clean my home and look after myself with. My house has never been cleaner, and neither have I! My skin allergies have drastically reduced and my eczema has almost completely gone. And here I am. An Independent Norwex Consultant.

That’s my story.


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